My 2017 Best Nine

It's the end of another year and I once again decided to partake in the annual instagram phenom where everyone finds out their top 9 photos for the year.  Basically, this website goes through your feed and finds your most liked photos from 2017, then creates a grid of those photos for you to share.

Super fun, right?

Soo if you take a look at my grid, I think you'll see a pretty common theme of what's popular on my feed:


I think it's pretty safe to say my self-portraits are timeline favorites, followed closely by my portraits of others (and one little flatlay, all by its lonesome). 

While I do like the grid that the website created, I also wanted to create a grid of my own best nine photos of 2017. These are my favorites from the year:

(*note: I couldn't narrow it down to just 9, so here's my best 12 photos for 2017)
(**also note: click each photo to enlarge and see it full-size)

Overall, 2017 was a great year photographically-speaking. I can't wait to see what magic I get the opportunity to capture in 2018. Thank you for everyone who was a part of my journey and my business this year. I'm so very grateful!