EVERY year should be my year. Here's why.

Life is shitty sometimes. That’s just the way it is. Things don’t always play out fairly, and sometimes we don’t understand why certain things are happening to us. However, I firmly believe in working to avoid the pitfalls of living in a space of negativity. I never want to be that person who believes life is against me all the time.

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Instagram Makeover: How to Marie Kondo your IG feed

Spring is on its way! The weather will be warmer, flowers will be blooming, and it’s time for some spring cleaning. Why is spring cleaning important? Studies show that people living in a clean home makes people happier. It can help you to concentrate better and become more productive.

We also spend a lot of time online and I think its important to do some spring cleaning within our digital space as well. It’s time to go full-on Mari Kondo on your instagram feed by keeping the things on your feed that spark joy and kicking everything else to the curb.

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Click Away 2019 | California owes me nothing

Click Away 2019 was a truly awesome experience that I’m still trying to absorb. I met a lot of new people and got to meet people who I considered online friends in person. To be honest, people talked about making life-long friends at Click Away before and I never really understood. But after this year… I totally get it.

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