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3 Tips To Build Your Confidence As A Creative | Atlanta Photographer

With instagram being such a staple in our everyday life, constantly flooding us with updates of all the successful creators from all over the world it's sometimes easy to start doubting yourself and your own work. But maintaining confidence in your own abilities is SO important, so I decided to share 3 quick tips on how to grow your confidence as a creator:

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How To Achieve Your Goals | Atlanta Photographer

Have you ever set a goal so big that it was intimidating to even dream of achieving? If the answer is no, many would say you’re not setting your goals high enough. But the thing about intimidating goals is that sometimes they can be so overwhelming that you can’t even think of how to begin to go for them. Although I have business goals I want to achieve in 2019, I also have personal goals I want to work towards and I thought those would be fun to share and break down in this post.

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