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My Best of 2018 | Top 9 of Instagram | Atlanta photographer

Last year I did a blog post sharing my Top 9 photos of 2017, and I thought it’d be fun to do the same type of post for this year as well. I’m glad people love seeing my own face on my feed, but I also want a chance to share my own top 9 photos I’ve taken this year.

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When Your Life Doesn't Look Like Your Vision Board

As I was taking inventory of my own 2018, I remembered the vision board I had made at the top of this
year. I was SO excited about this vision board. I just knew it was going to change my entire life.

Then 2018 actually happened. My 2018 can pretty much be summarized in 2 words: A MESS.

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Self Portrait Tutorial | 4 Ways To Convey A Mood With Your Image

Making conscious decisions is very important for the overall process of creating a mood with your self portrait images. So today I’m sharing several techniques for you to think about when crafting your self portrait image and the story you want it to tell.

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