3 Practical iPhone Photography Tips


When it comes to iPhone photography, there's tons of advice on how to take better photos with your phone's camera. I even have some tips you can read HERE on how to improve your iPhone photography skills.

However, there are more practical tips that often get overlooked so now I'm giving 3 practical tips when it comes to iPhone photography.

1. Delete photos you don't edit

It's so easy for your album to become overcrowded, especially when you're constantly using your phone's camera. Avoid phone clutter by deleting the photos you decide not to edit.

If you're like me, you take several shots before deciding on that one that has all the elements just how you need them. Put it into practice to delete all of the "throwaway" shots after you've chosen the one or two you're going to edit and post.

2. Organize your images into albums based on subject or location

Nothing is worse than getting ready to post a specific image and not being able to find it among the hundreds of photos in your album. It can be helpful to organize your photos into separate albums grouped together based on a specific subject or location.

Whenever I take a trip and use my camera phone to take photos, I create an album for that trip and move my photos into that album. Similarly, I have all of my photos on my phone pertaining to my color challenge in their own album. This way when it's time to make my grid they're all in one place for me to easily grab from and I don't have to sift through a bunch of unrelated images to find them.

3. Use an app to plan your social media postings 

There are several apps I use to organize and plan the photos I'm going to post to my instagram, including Planoly and PostVu (my favorite). Using these apps helps me not to lose any of my images "in the fray". I can upload all of the recent pictures I've taken to the app; that way it's less likely that I'll forget about those images and leave them to collect dust on my phone. 

Because my apps are linked to my instagram account, they also help me keep track with what I've already posted and can therefore be deleted - freeing up space in my phone's memory for flatlays and portrait sessions.  

When using your instagram for business purposes or to showcase your creative venture, it's important to stay as organized and clutter-free as possible. These three, easy tips should help you keep your phone from becoming overcrowded with your photos and organized for faster, easier posting. 

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