5 things to bring to your photo session


When you're prepping for a photoshoot, whether it be a solo creative lifestyle session or an engagement shoot with your loved one, most people tend to focus on things like what outfit they're going to wear or what their hair will be doing. Because of this, it's fairly easy to forget all of the little details that can make all the difference in your session and it flowing smoothly despite the different unforeseen circumstances that can arise. And that's why you have me to give you a reminder of the 5 most important things you should make sure you bring to your session!

1. A comb/brush 

Often times, you arrive to the location for your photoshoot with your hair looking perfect. But somewhere along the session the wind gets ahold of your hair, and although wind in the hair looks great for your photos it's not so great for the moments in between when you need your hair to go back to being in it's perfect state like when you first arrived. Having a brush or comb on hand to smooth down those strands in between the wind-blown shots is a must. So make sure to throw one in your purse as you're prepping for your time in front of the lens.

2. Makeup for touch ups 

Having makeup on hand for touch ups coincides with having a brush handy. You don't have to pack your whole makeup bag, but it's handy to have a few key items that you can easily grab when needed. My suggestions for key items would be: 

  • powder to get rid of any excess shine
  • oil blotting sheets
  • chapstick (because the combo of chapped lips + having to smile consistently sounds like a terrible idea)
  • lipstick/lip gloss for touch-ups

I think the best time to use your "touch up kit" is during your outfit changes or simply halfway through the session, to ensure you look picture perfect throughout your entire photoshoot.

3. Layers

Dealing with unexpected weather changes can make it hard to look relaxed during a photoshoot when you're uncomfortable. When the weather takes a turn towards the chilly side, it's helpful to have a sweater on hand to throw on. Just make sure it coordinates with the outfit(s) you've chosen for your session. Simultaneously, if the weather heats up unexpectedly, planning to wear layers can be extremely helpful as you can shed the layers to keep from sweating up a storm during your photo-op. 

4. Bottled Water/Snacks

In the warmer months, photographers usually try to schedule outdoor shoots at times when the sun isn't highest in the sky. Not only for optimal lighting purposes, but also to avoid having clients outside when it's hottest in the day. When you can't beat the summer heat, though, it's always important to have water on hand for quick sips between shots. For families with small children, having snacks on-hand is also a good idea. Snacks can be used to placate or distract unhappy kiddos during the shoot and keep things moving smoothly throughout the session.

5. Bug Spray

There's nothing worse than leaving your outdoor photoshoot itching and scratching from random bug bites. To ensure the bugs don't bother you during your session, make sure to toss a bottle of bug spray in your bag. A small travel-size bottle is perfect for toting around in your bag and pulling out before the beginning of your session to make sure everyone in the group is covered.


There you have it - five essential things you should have at your photo session! What have you found helpful to have on hand during you photoshoot? If you've never thought about what you should be carrying with you to your shoot, I hope you find this list helpful to ease your mind and enjoy your session knowing you're well prepared!