Your guide on what to wear for your photo session

So you've picked out your photographer and scheduled your photo session - congrats! But now you find yourself stumped on what to wear. Do you go a bit more dressed up and wear a fancy dress, or keep it casual in jeans? What colors should you incorporate into your session wardrobe? Should you & your significant other coordinate your outfits? Choosing what to wear on the day of your photo session may seem overwhelming, so here are 5 tips on choosing your session outfit.

1. Neutral colors are your friend (and the photographer's friend, too)

Neutral colors (grays and creams, especially) and deeper hues are more camera-friendly than super bright, neon colors. There are ways to successfully incorporate color into your session, however. Pops of color work well to bring interest into an outfit that may otherwise look drab. You can wear an eye-catching lipstick or a colorful shoe to brighten up your overall look. However, if you still prefer to opt for a colorful outfit, deeper and softer hues are definitely the route to take. These types of colors will pop against your background without overwhelming the viewer's eyes.

2. Show off your best asset

Have you ever noticed you feel more confident in a certain type of outfit that highlights one of your best features? Maybe it's that fit-&-flare dress that highlights your figure perfectly, or that mini skirt that shows off your awesome legs. Whatever that outfit is: wear that or something similar. Knowing that you're highlighting your best asset during your session will give you confidence throughout the shoot, and it will definitely show in your final images.

3. Make sure you're comfortable

Make sure that whatever you choose to wear is something you're comfortable in. There's nothing worse than having to spend an extended amount of time in an uncomfortable outfit, wishing you could just take it off. Awkwardness and insecurity can stem from wearing something uncomfortable to your session, and that can affect how your final images turn out. So definitely choose something you feel comfortable and confident in when making decisions for your session wardrobe.

4. Match your backdrop

Always keep your session location in mind when choosing your outfit. If your session is taking place in the city, dressing up a bit more is a good idea. Putting on some cute heels with a slightly fancier dress than normal would match the city vibes of the location. If you've chosen a more natural background, you may want to choose something a bit more casual such as a longer flowy dress. Opt for casual footwear, such as flat sandals or boots, that will make it easy to navigate your surroundings throughout the session. Also, be prepared to go barefoot at times. Personally, I love asking clients to go barefoot in a more natural setting as it can add to the overall vibe of the session.

5. Ask your photographer

Always, always, always remember that you can reach out to your photographer to help you plan your outfits for your session. I love when clients ask me for input because I can help guide them towards things that will accentuate their beauty during their session. Some photographers will already have pinterest boards put together with color suggestions for their clients. Personally, I first help my clients decide on a location, and then from there pull together a personalized collage with outfit examples that would work for them to help them narrow down their choices. We bounce ideas off of each other (and sometimes I even receive texts from the dressing room as they're trying on options) until we find something that the client loves and that will work for their session.

Choosing what to wear for your session doesn't have to be stressful. With these tips in mind and your photographer's help, making a decision on your session wardrobe should be just another fun portion of your overall experience! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with choosing your session wardrobe? Contact me here to book your session and together we can narrow down your options to find your perfect outfits!