3 Reasons Your Photographer Won't Let You See the Back of the Camera

It can be frustrating sometimes to give complete trust over to someone else. Especially when it comes to capturing moments of your life that you want remembered forever. Photographers can often be hesitant to show clients what's happening on the back of their screens, and I know that can be nerve-wracking for a client. But trust me when I say: it's for a good reason. By the time you've booked your session, picked out your outfits, and arrived to the location you should be pretty familiar with your photographer - enough to trust their judgement. After all, that is why you specially selected them, right? However, just in case you're still a bit antsy about the whole process, I'm here to give you the top 3 reasons your photographer probably isn't showing you the back of the camera. 

1. It slows down the process

Many sessions have a general time frame they take place within. For me and my clients, sessions usually last anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Imagine how much time it would take up to stop and show you every few frames what's being captured. Would you rather spend the precious time you have with your photographer sifting through photos as they're being taken, or would you rather trust the process and allow your photographer to use your time together wisely and capture beautiful moments for you? (Hopefully you chose the second option).

2. It doesn't fully show photographer's vision

Many times a photographer will take an image already knowing what they want the end-product to look like. However, sometimes that end-product isn't exactly what's captured in-camera. It can be difficult for a photographer to fully express the vision they have for a photograph, and it can sometimes be discouraging for a client to see an image before the vision has been fully realized. The best thing to do is relax, trust your photographer's vision, and know that the end-product will reflect everything beautifully.

3. It ruins the anticipation

One of the most exciting parts of the whole process is the anticipation a client experiences between the time they part ways with the photographer and the time they receive their gallery. Can you imagine having that anticipation ruined by getting to see every shot (or a majority of the images) as they're being taken during the session? That's no fun! I know it can be difficult, but try not to ruin all of the suspense by asking to see the back of the camera throughout the session. I promise, you won't regret not asking (yes that's a double negative haha) to see your photos before they all arrive to you, neatly packaged and beautifully displayed.

Overall, the whole process comes down to trust. Trust that your photographer has your best interest in mind and only wants to capture everything that's individually beautiful about you. So take time out to really research your photographer, make sure that what you want aligns with their style, and choose the photographer that is the right fit for you. That way, when you arrive to your shoot all dressed up and ready to go, you can relax knowing that you're in good hands and your photographer will only put your best face forward.