Where To Find Your Inspiration As A Photographer

Every photographer has their own sources of inspiration that make them want to pick up their camera and capture images.

For some, it's street photography and the unpredictability yet universal connection it brings. For others, it might be macro photography and capturing intricate details. We all have our own reasons that drive us to take photographs.

My overall purpose for photography is to capture images that move my soul and inspire others, but there are several specific reasons I'm motivated to pick up my camera.

I hope that by learning more about what inspires me as a photographer, you take some time to think about (and keep record of) what inspires you. 

Whenever you feel yourself in a creative rut, reference this list and remember why you started on this journey as a photographer.

I like to capture things that are inconspicuously beautiful.  

There are so many magical moments happening around us on a daily basis. Often times though, we can't see the beauty those moments possess because they're everyday occurrences. To us, it's something that happens so regularly that it's become mundane. 

I like to remind people through my photography just how beautiful and magical these little moments are.


I aim to remind others that they are beautiful.

One thing to remember about photography is that you cannot capture something that isn't there. So when a client tells me how beautiful their images look it makes me so happy because it means I accurately did my job of capturing them.

I didn't create the beauty they see, it's already there because they possess it. I merely captured and reflected it back to them.


It's a way for me to release my creative energy.

I consider myself to be pretty creative, and photography is one of the ways I release my creative energy. I often have concepts floating around in my mind, and photography is a way for me to bring these ideas to life. 


I love capturing important memories.

Throughout my life I've always been the one with a camera in my grasp, endlessly snapping photographs. I think it's important to document important memories such as birthdays, weddings, and other milestones in general.

I love to capture my family - especially my nephews because they're growing up and having photos to look back on is necessary.


As a creative, it's important to figure out what inspires you to create. Tapping into my motives has helped me to find my way out of creative ruts, stay focused on my goals, and come up with new ideas and concepts. Whatever your individual reasons may be, use them to fuel your creative energy and share that energy with the world. 

So, what inspires you? Comment below - I'd love to know what motivates you as a creative.