Should you take maternity pictures?

I don't think it's a secret that maternity sessions are definitely my favorite type of sessions to photograph. I think it's an occasion every woman should celebrate and photograph to have memories of. You may be on the fence of whether or not you should invest in maternity photos, and I'll give you 3 reasons why a maternity shoot should be on your to-do list as the weeks of your pregnancy wind down and you're getting ready to meet your baby bundle face-to-face. 

1. Capture each stage of your beauty

It's pure magic how a woman's body can transform to create another living soul. I think capturing the beauty of this process is pertinent. Pregnancy glow is real and you should capture the confidence you feel when you're at the peak of your pregnancy. Having those photos to look back on and show your child is important.

2. Capture the connection with your baby before birth

It's important to capture moments with your new baby bundle after they've arrived. All the little details will mean so much to you - their brand new fingers and toes, their wispy baby hair, their adorable little yawns, all of it is precious and worth documentation. However, it's equally important to capture the beautiful moments before your baby arrives. Your hand resting on your belly as their little foot kicks; the excitement you feel and not quite being sure that you're ready but knowing deep down that you will be once they arrive; the confidence you exude because everything you put on looks adorable over your baby belly. All of that is important and all of it should be captured.

3. Capture this once in a lifetime experience

Every pregnancy experience is different for every woman. Some get pregnant easily, while some may have more difficulties getting pregnant. Some pregnancies come as a surprise, while others are completely planned. Some women only plan on having one, while other women plan to have multiple children. However, every first pregnancy has something in common: it's your first and you'll never be able to say that again. This momentous occasion of not yet quite knowing what exactly to expect that can only come with your first pregnancy is something that should be documented forever.

I truly believe every woman should schedule time during her pregnancy to get dolled up and show off her beauty in the midst of her baby bump glory. Whether it's a solo shoot or you incorporate your loved one, you won't regret documenting this important part of your life journey. Typically, pregnancy shoots are best scheduled anytime after 28 weeks, so make sure to find time to schedule one of your own. 

Click here to contact me and schedule your own maternity shoot. I'd love to document this beautiful time in your life!