March-ing To Green

This challenge started as a way to climb my way out of a creative rut I had found myself in. Every month, I pick a color and capture that color whenever, and wherever, I come across it. It has helped me to become more aware of the beauty in simple details I'm surrounded by everyday. 

March's color was green.

So this month I decided to change up my monthly color challenge a bit. I found that I wasn't challenging myself enough and picking up my camera often enough with the original challenge outline.

My new goal is 4 photos a week (not necessarily every day, just 4 photos total by the end of the week), which gives me a bit of leeway if some days I don't get a chance to pick up my camera. I also decided to make this more of a challenge with my Canon 6D (even though a few were taken with my iPhone because I didn't have my camera handy). 

Here's my monthly color challenge share for March: