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EVERY year should be my year. Here's why.

Life is shitty sometimes. That’s just the way it is. Things don’t always play out fairly, and sometimes we don’t understand why certain things are happening to us. However, I firmly believe in working to avoid the pitfalls of living in a space of negativity. I never want to be that person who believes life is against me all the time.

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When Your Life Doesn't Look Like Your Vision Board

As I was taking inventory of my own 2018, I remembered the vision board I had made at the top of this
year. I was SO excited about this vision board. I just knew it was going to change my entire life.

Then 2018 actually happened. My 2018 can pretty much be summarized in 2 words: A MESS.

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Why YOUR Why Matters | How To Become A Better Content Creator

There will be moments when you stop and look around and feel like everyone else is killing the game except for you. There will be times when you wonder what it’s all for and if you should even continue on your journey. When tough times come (because trust me, they’re either on their way, currently here, or have recently just left) your WHY is what will get you through and keep you pushing.

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