3 Tips To Build Your Confidence As A Creative | Atlanta Photographer

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One question I get asked frequently is about how I've gained so much confidence as a creative, and I completely understand why.

With instagram being such a staple in our everyday life, constantly flooding us with updates of all the other successful creatives from all over the world it's easy to start doubting yourself and your own work.

However, maintaining confidence in your own abilities is SO important, so I decided to share 3 quick tips on how to grow your confidence as a creative:

#3 Avoid comparison at all costs

The moment you start comparing yourself to others in your field is the moment you've clouded your eyes from seeing your own growth.

Without being able to see your growth you start to feel stagnant. And once you feel stagnant your self-confidence begins to wane. So avoid putting yourself in that position as much as possible.

Look to others for inspiration, but do not allow yourself to compare your work to theirs.

#2 Repetition with intention

One of the best ways to become comfortable doing something is to do it repetitiously. The more comfortable you become, the more confident you become.

Be careful, though, because simply doing things repeatedly does not equate to improvement. In order to progress you must be repetitious with intention.

Be clear about why you're doing what you're doing.

If you want to get better at recording podcasts, identify exactly HOW you need to improve and tackle that. Same with becoming a better makeup artist, photographer, writer... it's all the same.

Identify your areas for improvement, work towards improving them repeatedly, become more comfortable, and watch your confidence grow.

#1 Embrace that you don't know it all

THE best way to become more confident in what you DO know, is to embrace that there are things you DON'T know, and that's perfectly okay.

Realize that you can't control everything, and sometimes you'll be at a loss of how to handle things. But that's how you learn and add to your skill set. 

Rest assured that you'll gain a lot of the knowledge you need as you go and that it's impossible to know everything before you embark on your journey.

Relax. Take a note from Socrates and sink into the comfort of knowing you don't know everything. 

Maintaining your self-confidence as a creative is of the utmost importance. Especially when times are difficult, it's vital to have faith in your abilities.