Instagram Makeover: How to Marie Kondo your IG feed

Spring is on its way! The weather will be warmer, flowers will be blooming, and it’s time for some spring cleaning.

Most of us start our spring cleaning process by looking around our closets and throwing out things we no longer wear or (let’s be honest) fit anymore. Then we start looking at our homes in a wider scope, filling up the car and driving our donations over to Goodwill to bless someone else’s home.

But why is spring cleaning important? Studies show that people living in a clean home makes people happier. It can help you to concentrate better and become more productive.

So, with all of the upsides that come with spring cleaning, why should we stop at our homes?

Yes, we spend a lot of our time there physically… but we also spend a lot of time online and I think its important to do some spring cleaning within our digital space as well.

It’s time to go full-on Marie Kondo on your instagram feed by keeping the things on your feed that spark joy and kicking everything else to the curb. Here’s 3 ways to clean up your feed:

  1. Do a deep dive into your “following” list

The #1 spot you should start when making sure your instagram is full of things that spark joy is definitely the list of people you’re following.

These are the people who are filling up the feed that you’re scrolling through, probably on a daily basis. Some people feel like instagram is just instagram, and nothing more. However, I happen to subscribe to a different belief.

Do I believe Instagram is real life? No, not completely. Instagram is a highlight reel 99% of the time.

But do I think the effects of Instagram are real life? Absolutely.

I believe what we take into our spirit on a regular basis is important, and so the people who are supplying what we take in are also important.

The majority of the profiles I follow are for very intentional reasons. Beyond my personal friends, I prefer to follow people who speak positively about life, people who inspire me, and people who just bring overall good vibes onto my feed. I also like sticking to people who are posting about topics that align with where I currently am in life.

Do yourself a favor, take a moment, and really look into who you’re following and how what they’re posting is contributing to your daily life. It might be time to clean up that list and unfollow or mute a few. And don’t feel guilty about it because the peace of mind you’ll feel after the clean up will be worth it.

2. Archive any old, irrelevant photos

If your relationship with Instagram is similar to mine, then you’ve been using the platform for almost a decade now. I created my profile and start uploading photos with the beloved Valencia filter back in 2011. If you scroll back to the beginning of my feed you can see some of those photos in all their heavily edited glory.

If you’re showcasing your brand it might be worth your while to scroll back to the beginning of your feed and start archiving some of those old photos.

Just in case you’ve never heard of archiving your photos on instagram, it’s a way to remove photos from your feed without deleting them completely. So for all you sentimentalists (like me) out there, this instagram tool should be one of your faves to utilize.

Cleaning up your feed in this way will not only remove unnecessary clutter but it’ll also make sure you’re putting your brand’s best foot forward.

Personally, I haven’t archived all of my old photos because I do like being able to go back and see the progression in my photography over the years. However, I have archived quite a good bit of snapshots and random posts from the past that serve no real purpose.

3. Sort your saved photos into labeled collections

I can’t be the only person who’s come across a random post via my IG explore feed, saved it, then gone back to reference it 2 weeks later only to have to scroll through the other 1000 posts I’ve saved along with it in order to find the post I’m looking for.

I can’t be.

If you find yourself in the same boat, here’s a tip your might find helpful: as you save posts on IG, separate them into labeled categories.

I find myself saving a lot of the same types of posts repeatedly, and I’m sure you do too. Currently I have 4 categories that I regularly add to:

  • Dance

  • Fashunnn (fashion, lol)

  • Poetry inspo

  • Pose ideas

In case you’ve never before saved a post to a specific collection, I’ve inserted a quick screen capture demo video for you below:


No more endless scrolling to find that funny video you wanted to send your friend last week. Set up your own Marie Kondo inspired virtual “pretty little boxes” to organize your saved posts into and save yourself that valuable scrolling time.