Learn to Master Photography for Free: 6 Helpful Tutorials

A popular question I often get is "how did you learn photography?" More specifically, I get asked what resources I've used along my journey, particularly when I was a beginner. 

Now if you know anything about me as a photographer, you should know that I consider myself a VERY proud alumna of both Google State College and Youtube University. Those were my 2 main resources for information for a long time when I first started out, and they're still usually the first places I turn to even now when there's something new I want to learn. 

Although I've taken a handful of classes on Clickin' Moms, I can't emphasize enough the WEALTH of information that can be found by simply googling or browsing Youtube - especially because the majority of it is FREE.99 and sometimes money is tight!) 

Sometimes I feel as though answering the above questions simply with "Youtube" and "google" is too broad (even though it's completely true), and that's why I'm excited to be sharing some specific tutorials that helped me and can help you, too! 

Below I'm linking you to a few of my favorite videos that will help you improve your shooting and editing skills to take your photography to the next leve.

AND THEY'RE ALL FREE! (So you're welcome!)

1. Learn better compositional techniques for more interesting photos.

2. Learn how to extending your photo in photoshop. Extremely helpful when you need more space in the frame that doesn't naturally exist.

3. Learn an easy way to remove bags under your subject's eyes (SUPER helpful!).

4. Learn how to sharpen your photos so they look their best for posting on the web (i.e. instagram, facebook, etc.)

5. Learn how to add depth to your photos (as well as a bit of skin editing).

6. Learn how to find a good location anywhere with this quick tutorial.

Also, check out my own tutorial for making any location work HERE.

I could link SO many more tutorials, but I think these are great for not only those who are just beginning their photography journey, but also those who are looking to push their photography to the next level.

Did you find these videos helpful? Do you have a video that completely flipped your photography upside down (in the best way)? Comment below & share the wealth!