The Reason Why Everyone Loves New Orleans

Earlier this month I got to spend my birthday in New Orleans attending the Essence Festival along with my mom. This was my second time visiting the city, so I knew what to expect thanks to my first time exploring New Orleans. Honestly, every time I visit I find another new reason to love New Orleans. I have to admit I'm already looking forward to the next time I can visit! 

The last time I visited I put my iPhone photography skills to use and captured the city using just my iPhone 6S Plus. This time was no different and I decided to rely on only my iPhone 7 Plus to capture my travels through New Orleans for the second time. 

Driving in the city (especially the French Quarter) can be confusing and frustrating. I've never seen so many one-way streets in my life! But the vibrant colors, historical architecture, and rich history of the city more than make up for it.

Not to mention the delicious shrimp po'boys and sugar covered beignets (which I finally figured out how to eat without getting covered in powdered sugar myself, so kudos to me). Figuring out the streetcars was daunting at first, but so rewarding once we got the hang of it. And yes, we did manage to completely miss our stop once and have to switch lines to ride back, but what's a trip without a good story? 

Walking through French Quarter, there's so much culture to experience. You're likely to see a group of men gathered together with instruments playing live jazz music for tips or a row of fortune tellers waiting to read your palm and tell you what the cards hold for you. Everywhere you turn there's something to see or hear - to immerse yourself in in one way or another.

Walking under trees with mardi gras beads hanging from the branches, seeing unexpected things like a bike frame chained to a fence with basically all of the parts stolen, perusing the endless sea of masquerade masks, and interacting with locals who call you numerous pet names like "honey" and "baby" in their Louisiana southern drawl... all of it. 

THIS is the reason why everyone loves New Orleans.


Have you ever been to Essence Festival or visited New Orleans? What's your favorite thing about the city?