Residing In A Space of Gratefulness

So. Let's talk about spaces.

And residing in them.

(Btw: This post is a little more vulnerable than I'm used to being, but it's a little note that's been on my heart to share for a while now so I'm being obedient to those feelings.)


There was a time not too long ago when I was unhappy with EVERYTHING in my life. I was miserable, and seeing other people happy only heightened that feeling for me. I couldn't cheer for others because of the space I was occupying and the feeling I was letting occupy me. Honestly, the ONLY thing that lifted me out of that space was turning to God for comfort and healing. I relied on him to help me shift from a space of unhappiness with what I don't have to a space of gratefulness with what I do have. Because what I do have FAR outweighs the things I don't have, but I had to come to that realization.


What I've learned since I've moved on from that point in my life is this:

Residing in a space of gratefulness doesn't mean that things will always be perfect. The grass ain't always gonna be green and you won't always be looking through rose-colored glasses. Life will still be hard sometimes, and you'll have moments of unhappiness. That's natural. That's life.  To me, it means that you've come to the realization that what's meant for you is meant FOR YOU. What's meant for the next person is FOR THEM and it can not and WILL NOT hinder what's meant for you. You're ready to receive all that is for you and can congratulate others as they receive what's for them.


So... celebrate them. Be happy for them. And celebrate yourself. And if you feel yourself becoming envious of others, you have to put yourself in check! (Trust me, I have to do it from time to time!). When you feel yourself taking up residence in a space of unhappiness, sliiiiiiide on back into that space of gratefulness. 

From time to time, you may VISIT other spaces, but make sure your permanent address is in a space of gratefulness.