3 Maternity Images You Definitely Need

Maternity photography is easily one of my favorite genres to shoot. There's something absolutely magical about a woman's ability to bring life into this world, and I love having the opportunity to capture this time for expecting mothers.

I believe every pregnant woman should take part in a maternity session and you can read more HERE on why I think maternity sessions are so important. Being a maternity photographer is not just about snapping photos, though. It's about reminding a woman of exactly why she is so beautiful in this stage and capturing this special time for her. It's about freezing these memories for not only her to look back on, but also for her children to look back on when they're grown and have children of their own.

Below are 3 essential images I believe every expecting mother should walk away with from her shoot:

1. Laying down

It's pretty standard to take photos of the expecting mother standing, and even sitting, but don't forget to step outside of the box and ask your subject to lay down. While she's laying, photograph her from above and from the side to add variety to her gallery. 


2. Just the baby bump

When photographing a maternity session, it's not only important to capture the big picture. Make sure you also capture detail shots of just the baby bump. Many woman speak on how they miss this part of the pregnancy once their baby is born, so having this type of image to look back on is a special treat.


3. Side Profile

Make sure to capture several side profiles during the photo session. That's the best opportunity to capture the full size of her baby bump with her growing baby.


These 3 tips should help add both variety and beauty to your maternity gallery. Make sure to get creative while shooting and capture every aspect of your expecting subject.

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