Exploring East Palisades - Atlanta Photographer

One day while randomly searching the internet I discovered that there's a bamboo forest in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, a bamboo forest. I made this discovery via the internet over a year ago, and I've been dying to find it ever since then but I've never had the opportunity. Last weekend I decided to make the time to finally find this place I had been dreaming of seeing in person.

The bamboo forest is just a small piece of East Palisades trail. I only explored a small portion of the trail, but the parts that I did see were absolutely beautiful. The trek to get to the bamboo can be a bit precarious at some points, so paying attention during the hike is important.

I went in the afternoon when the sun was towards it's highest point in the day, so the lighting was veryyy harsh and taking photos in the middle of the forest with all that greenery was throwing my phone's white balance wayyyy off. I didn't take many pictures because of the lighting and the white balance issues, but I do plan on going back and doing a styled shoot.

Walking to the bamboo forest took some time, but once we got there it was absolutely magical. Hearing the bamboo trees hitting each other every time a breeze came through and they began to sway was like a musical treat. There were some beautiful views of the water along the way as well. I can't wait to go back and see more of the area.

(Images are a mix from my iPhone 6S Plus and my Canon 6D)


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