How To Be Your Own #Goals


It seems like we're living in the age where everybody else's lives become our #goals. Their relationships, their jobs, their overall lifestyles... it feels like everyone is looking at the person next to them, wishing for their life instead of focusing on the the many ways their own life is #goals. And I see that as a bit of a problem. So here's a few ways you can focus on your personal journey and become your own #goals.

Focus on YOU

Comparison is the thief of joy. That's pretty much a fact. Want to instantly deflate all the good vibes you've got going on with your life? Compare it to someone else's. I promise you, 9 times out of 10 nothing good can come from comparing what you have to what someone else has. Even though it seems impossible to not compare, it's something we really should be actively avoiding. Whenever you feel yourself comparing your life to someone else's - STOP, and instead compare your life NOW to what it was a year ago (or two, or three if necessary). Compare your past to your present, and hopefully you will see all the ways your life has improved. And if you don't, start brainstorming ways you can start moving your life in a positive direction. Isn't that much more productive than comparing your life to someone else's and wallowing in self pity because theirs seems so much better? (Btw: they're probably doing the exact same thing so... let's all stop this cycle. Deal?)

Celebrate your own accomplishments as much as you celebrate those of others

It's so easy to see the strides others are making, even the small ones. But for some reason, it seems impossible to recognize those same types of strides in our own lives. Encouraging others and celebrating their accomplishments with them is a beautiful thing. But in the midst of all of that, PLEASE remember to acknowledge your own accomplishments as well. Don't get so caught up in celebrating others that you forget to celebrate YOU.

Take a break from social media, if necessary

 Being on social media on a daily basis and seeing (what you think) is every detail of everyone else's life can be overwhelming. It can start to feel like you're being bombarded with all the reasons why their life is so much better or more put together (which is more than likely FALSE, so keep that in mind) than yours. SO TAKE A BREAK! I know our generation is the generation racked with FOMO (fear of missing out), but put that aside and take a breather if you need it. I PROMISE your life will not fall to pieces if you decide to check out from Instagram for the weekend or avoid signing into Facebook for a few days. Take a break and use that time to reflect on the good things in your own life, what your goals are, how you can reach them, and the ways in which you've already started moving towards those goals. Take a breather to get back to you