My Trip To Seattle

Back in October of last year I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle and attend Click Away, which is a huge photography conference made up of mostly women. It was very inspiring listening to all the talks, attending the shootouts, and being surrounded by women with the same passion as mine. I also thoroughly enjoyed the city... it gave me the New York feel of constant busy-ness, except with less chaos than "the big apple".

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see all of the beautiful nature that can also be found in Seattle. I'm hoping to re-visit the area this summer and experience some of their lush national forests and gorgeous waterfalls. BUT I did get plenty of street photography practice, especially in their infamous market - Pike Place Market. I did also take several photos with my cell phone (as usual lol) but those will be shared in a separate post. For now, here's the city of Seattle via Charlie (my Canon 6D).