My favorite Atlanta photoshoot locations

Usually, photographers love to keep their favorite photoshoot locations a secret. But I'm here to share my 3 favorite locations for photo sessions in the Atlanta and surrounding areas. 

1. Vickery Creek Trail (also known as Old Roswell Mill)

Atlanta Maternity Session 1

Vickery Creek Trail is known to most as Old Roswell Mill. It's a trail located in Roswell, Georgia that features the ruins from an old cotton mill along with a beautiful waterfall. This is a pretty popular spot with photographers in the area, and one view of the gorgeous scenery makes it pretty apparent why. There is also a venue used often for weddings and other events. There is a fee necessary to acquire a pass for a photoshoot on the grounds, but the backdrops the area provides are well worth it.

2. Piedmont Park

Atlanta Maternity Session 2

Piedmont Park is probably the most popular park in Atlanta. In the warmer months, there's always some type of festival or event happening at the park. With a little searching, however, you can find nice, quiet, picturesque spots throughout the park that are perfect for photo sessions ranging from engagement shoots to maternity shoots. The park is huge so there's always a new part of it to be discovered. 

3. Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park

Atlanta Engagement Session 1

Kennesaw Mountain is a beautiful location in Kennesaw, Georgia, which is located about 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. The mountain itself is smaller than Stone Mountain, but boasts beautiful views from the top and wide open fields at the foot of the mountain. There's plenty of space to have a photo session free of photo bombers, even with the spot being popular for those coming out to climb the mountain for exercise or spend some time in the fields relaxing. 

Atlanta and it's surrounding areas are full of beautiful locations to serve as backdrops for photoshoots. These are just a few of my favorites that I love and think deserve to be shared. I've found it's pretty easy to find spots in Atlanta to fall in love with as a photographer and as a client. So get out there and explore and find your special place to fall in love with.